VIDEO: From Pants Down, To Greasy Hair, Pitcher "Sticky Checks" Run The Gamut

 The Max Scherzer "sticky check" escalated to chaos pretty quickly, and elsewhere, a variety of laughable situations are taking place. In fact, there's even a Twitter account to keep track of the madness. 

Oakland A's reliever Sergio Romo left almost nothing to the imagination, pulling down his pants for the ump:

In Philadelphia, Scherzer is trying to get even with the Phillies, by asking the umps to check Bryce Harper's greased-up hair:

In any language, "sticky check" must mean the same thing. Umps had no problem communicating to Shohei Ohtani on Wednesday what they were looking for: 

And finally, talk about adding insult to injury. Imagine, you've just given up a grand slam, but the umps won't let you slink off to the dugout in peace.

Strange scenes all over baseball, and it's just begun.

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports