Rumor: Yankees Interested in Ketel Marte?


As the New York Yankees continue to struggle along, now 4th place in the AL East, the pressure is mounting for the team to make a move to give its anemic offense a boost. And the name we're hearing more and more of, is Diamondbacks all-star second baseman/center fielder Ketel Marte.

The addition of Marte could address a number of pressing issues for the Yanks. As a switch-hitter, Marte helps to balance out an extremely right-handed leaning lineup.  

He has the flexibility to play second base or center field. The Yankees' current second baseman (Rougned Odor) is hitting .180, and their current center fielder (Brett Gardner) is hitting .190.  Marte? .382. Yup, definitely a bit of a step up. 

The only drawback? Marte will come at a hefty price. Brian Cashman, over to you. 

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports