Dodgers Bauer Under Investigation for Allegedly Assaulting a Woman

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a woman. This is according to Pasadena Police Department Lt. Bill Grisafe via The Athletic's Fabia Ardaya.

Marc Garelick is the attorney representing the woman, who said she received a temporary restraining order against Bauer under the Domestic Violence Protection Act. At this time there's been no charges laid against Bauer, although he's been interviewed by police several times

The order is a result of a recent assault that took place at the hands of Mr. Bauer where Ms. Hill suffered severe physical and emotional pain. Our goal is to keep Mr. Bauer from contacting our client in any way possible. We anticipate there will be criminal action against Mr. Bauer, and it is our hope law enforcement will take our client’s allegations and case seriously. - Woman's attorney, Marc Garelick.

Apparently the two met for sex twice and things were consensually 'rough'. All allegations have been denied by Bauer's camp. Bauer's attorney Jon Fetterrolf released this statement. So far the Dodgers have been made aware of course, but aren't commenting at this time.

Photo credit:  Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports