Atlanta Braves Manager Calls Out Ronald Acuna Jr

Atlanta Braves superstar Ronald Acuna Jr is one of the most talented ball players in the league and is blossoming right before our very eyes. Just don't tell his manager Brian Snitker there's no room for improvement. The Braves manager was frustrated as hell with Acuna Jr after some 'stupid' baserunning decisions and he made sure to tell the world.

Snitker met with the media after Wednesday's Braves game and had this to say about his best player's baserunning habits:

You can't do stupid things like that and expect to win games. We have the tying run at the plate in the MVP (Freeman), and you get thrown out by 10 feet. You can't do that and expect to win.

Acuna tried to stretch a double into a triple with one out in the 9th inning and the team ended up losing the game. Considering he's fast enough to score from second base on a single, it was a very dumb play. The Braves outfielder had this to say in his defense:

Honestly, I was trying to make an aggressive play. That was my mentality. But looking back on it now, that was my bad. I made a mistake. I obviously should have given the hitter behind me a chance to drive in a run.

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